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  Saluran Pasifik strive to serve the national interests in oil and gas related sectors in accordance and consistent with Government policies and also ensure maintenance of continuous and smooth supplies of industrial products with efficient sales, service and proper marketing activities and to provide appropriate assistance to customers to use products efficiently.While continuing stevedoring services, Saluran Pasifik, also expanded in supplying all types of general engineering works such as Steel Fabrication, Metal Works, Machining, Shearing, Bending, Pipe Rolling and many more. 

Company Profile
  • Contactssaluranpasi(Mr.)    
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  • AreaMalaysia Pahang
  • Address21, Jln IM 14 /8, Kawasan Perindustrian Ringsn Indera Mahkota,
  • Zip Code25200
  • BusinessHardware / Pipe
  • Company TypeSdn Bhd
  • Registered Year2000
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